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Creative, Motivating, Efficient! -- There's nothing routine about working with Stewart. You'll have fun challenging your body (no machines doing all the work for you), growing stronger and slimming down. Stewart's an engaging and patient coach. You'll love his fresh outlook and be genuinely inspired!
- Barbara W.


I worked with many trainers in my years as a college athlete and now as a professional, I have to say that Stew's workouts are some of my favorites and most intense. Basketball is more than just brute strength and Stew understands that. Many workouts that we did were not even with weights, but I was dead tired afterward because of the high intensity he pushes you with. It's a select few trainers that I like to work with in the summer and because of his understanding and knowledge of the body Stew will always be someone I reach out to for a GREAT workout!!
- S. James #21


Stewart has been my personal trainer for several months. He was my first trainer ever. He possesses vast knowledge in overall fitness and nutrition. He customized my training and taught me how not to work out. Stew definitely inspired me to live a healthier, fitter, and happier life.
- Daniel M., New York, NY


After gaining 80 lbs during a twin pregnancy which had me on bedrest for 3 months, Stew trained me back into shape and helped me reach my goal weight within 6 months. Always changing up work outs, Stew is engaging and fun to work out with. And, most importantly, he delivers results.
- Deb F.F.